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Research at the ancient interface of the natural and social worlds

Series Editors: Sarah Whitcher Kansa (The Alexandria Archive) and Justin Lev-Tov

Archaeobiology is a peer-reviewed monograph series featuring research on biological remains from archaeological sites. Contributions are invited from all archaeological subdisciplines that deal with the interpretation and analysis of human interaction with plants and animals throughout history and prehistory. While the series focuses on all aspects of zooarchaeology and paleoethnobotany, it also draws on human osteology, interaction with the landscape, ancient textiles, and archaeogenetics. The geographic scope of the series is global and cross-disciplinary topics are especially encouraged. Volumes may have one or multiple authors or may be edited collections of articles by different specialists working on related topics. The series also plans to offer a repository for digital materials that supplement and enrich the printed publications, such as images, spreadsheets and databases.

For information and guidelines on proposing a topic for the series please contact the series editors, Sarah Whitcher Kansa at and Justin Lev-Tov at


Detailed instructions for authors and volume editors are available on the “For Authors” page of this website. Reference citations and abbreviations follow the conventions established by the Society for American Archaeology, available here.

Available Titles
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