Weseretkau “Mighty of Kas”: Papers Submitted in Memory of Cathleen A. Keller

Edited by Deanna Kiser-Go and Carol A. Redmount


Weseretkau “Mighty of Kas”: Papers Submitted in Memory of Cathleen A. Keller

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    978-1-948488-85-3 (hardcover)

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    8x11 inches

    November 2022

  • Table of Contents

    Student Dedication
    List of Figures
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    Coffin Reuse in the Twenty-First Dynasty: A Case Study of Egyptian Coffins in Italian Collections Kathlyn M. Cooney
    Why Gild the Lily? On “Color Symbolism” and Color Use in Egyptian Art Lorelei H. Corcoran
    “The Tomb”: A Small Cache of Statuary and Reliefs at South Karnak Richard Fazzini
    Akhenaten, Smiting Egypt’s Enemies: Remarks on the Character of the “House of the King’s Statue” at Amarna Marsha Hill
    “Gods’ Red” and the Separation of Divine from Human Deanna Kiser-Go
    A Singer in the Residence of the Temple of Amun at Berkeley Jean Li
    “Isis Nursing Harpocrates” Enthroned: Reconstructing a Graeco-Egyptian Plaster Plaque from the Phoebe Apperson Hearst Museum of Anthropology Barbara Mendoza
    Faience Tiles from Deir el-Ballas and Kerma: New Evidence of Egyptian-Nubian Relations at the Foundation of the New Kingdom Elizabeth Minor
    The Eyes Have It: A Figured Ostracon with Baboon in the Museum of Art and Archaeology, University of Missouri Patricia Podzorski
    The Decorative Program in the Nonroyal Tombs at Amarna Gay Robins
    The Mapping of Landscape in Old Kingdom Mastaba Chapel Ann Macy Roth


    The Waab-Priests of Deir el-Medina Benedict G. Davies
    A Modest Burial: A New Perspective on Roman Period Mummy Shrouds and Burials from Deir el-Medina Lissette M. Jiménez
    Continuity and Change at Deir el-Medina: Legal Texts Tom Logan
    The Priesthood of Hathor at Deir el-Medina: Devotion to the Goddess by her Clergy and Their Families Barbara A. Richter


    For Whom the Gods Hear Cindy Ausec
    The Birth of the King: Word Play in the Westcar Papyrus Eugene Cruz-Uribe
    The Palestinian Campaign(s) of Shoshenq I Aidan Dodson
    Mummy by the Bay: Irethorrou, an Egyptian Priest of the Early Persian Period Renée Dreyfus and Jonathan P. Elias
    Ancient Egyptian Bits and Bitting: An Equestrian Viewpoint Kathy Hansen
    Was Shedsukhonsu’s Wife Overbearing or was She the Owner of the Field? Janet H. Johnson
    When Death Comes, He Steals the Infant: Child Burials at the Wall of the Crow Cemetery, Giza Jessica Kaiser
    Tomb 526 at the Site of El Ahaiwah Joan Knudsen and Rexine Hummel
    Eight Inscribed Stones, the First Chariot Driver of His Majesty, and Tell el-Muqdam in the Ramesside Period Brian Muhs
    Requiem for a Sanctuary: In Memory of the Shoshenq I Temple at El Hibeh, Middle Egypt Carol Redmount