The Woman in the Pith Helmet

Edited by Jennie Ebeling and Philippe Guillaume 


This volume celebrates the career of Norma Franklin, an archaeologist who has made important contributions to our understanding of the three key cities of Samaria, Megiddo, and Jezreel in the Northern Kingdom of Israel during the Iron Age. The sixteen essays offered herein by Franklin’s colleagues in archaeology and biblical studies are a fitting tribute to the woman in the pith helmet: an indomitable field archaeologist who describes herself as “happiest with complex stratigraphy” and dedicated to “killing sacred cows.”

The Woman in the Pith Helmet

  • xxiv + 322 pages

    6x9 inches

    ISBN 978-1-948488-33-4 (hardcover)

    ISBN 978-1-948488-34-1 (PDF)

    December 2020


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