The Demotic and Hieratic Papyri in the Suzuki Collection

By Richard Jasnow, J.G. Manning, Kyoko Yamahana, and Myriam Krutzsch


This volume publishes, for the first time, approximately fifty late Egyptian texts from the Suzuki collection held at Tokai University, Japan. The project is a result of a five-year collaboration between Tokai University, Yale University, Johns Hopkins University, The University of Michigan, and the Staatliche Museum zu Berlin. Professor Suzuki formed his collection in the early 1960s when he was based in Cairo. The bulk of the collection, now housed in the Department of Asian Civilization, School of Letters at Tokai University as part of the Ancient Egyptian and Near Eastern Collection (AENET), consists of early demotic texts. There is also one Third Intermediate period hieratic text concerned with temple land, and a few small Greek fragments from the Byzantine period. The texts published here present an interesting range of document types and examples of demotic handwriting, and a few surprises. Among the more intriguing pieces are a fine word list and a new mythological narrative. 

The Demotic and Hieratic Papyri in the Suzuki Collection

  • 232 pages
    8.5 x 11 inches

    ISBN-13 9781937040628 (hardcover)

    September 2016


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