Sargonic and Pre-Sargonic Cuneiform Texts

By Benjamin R. Foster


This volume publishes hand copies of 292 cuneiform texts in the Yale Babylonian Collection dating to the Sargonic and Pre-Sargonic periods. It continues publication of the Pre-Ur III texts begun by George Hackman and Ferris Stephens in the series Babylonian lnscriptions in the Collection of J. B. Nies, volume 8. The tablet copies presented here include accounts and records from Isin, Nippur, Shuruppak, Umma, Zabala, Girsu, Umma, Lagash, Eshnunna, and Kish, as well as the Mesag archive.

Sargonic and Pre-Sargonic Cuneiform Texts

  • 220 pages

    9 x 12 inches

    978-1-948488-26-6 (hardcover)

    978-1-948488-27-3 (PDF)

    March 2020


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