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One Who Loves Knowledge: Festschrift in Honor of Richard Jasnow

Edited by Betsy Bryan, Mark Smith, Tina DiCerbo, Marina Escolano-Poveda, and Jill S. Waller


The thirty-nine articles in this volume, One Who Loves Knowledge, have been contributed by colleagues, students, friends, and family in honor of Richard Jasnow, professor of Egyptology at Johns Hopkins University. Despite his claiming to be “just a demoticist,” Richard Jasnow’s research interests and specialties are broad, spanning religious and historical topics, along with new editions of demotic texts, including most particularly the Book of Thoth. A number of the authors demonstrate their appreciation for Jasnow’s contributions to the understanding of this difficult text. The volume also includes other studies on literature, Ptolemaic history, and even the god Thoth himself, and features detailed images and abundant hieroglyphic, hieratic, demotic, Coptic, and Greek texts.

One Who Loves Knowledge: Festschrift in Honor of Richard Jasnow

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    MVCAE vol. 6

    xlii +542 pages

    8.5 x 11 inches

    978-1-948488-35-8 (hardcover)

    978-1-948488-36-5 (PDF)

    December 2022

  • Table of Contents

    Preface by Betsy Bryan 
    Preface by Mark Smith
    Bibliography of Richard Jasnow
    List of Figures

    Yekaterina BARBASH
    Book of the Dead Scholarship in Ptolemaic Egypt: The Case of pBrooklyn 37.1484E

    Horst BEINLICH
    Dein sei die Maat, Thot verleihe sie dir

    Betsy M. BRYAN
    A Little Thoth Goes a Long Way

    Kathlyn M. COONEY
    Finding Nitocris: Patterns of Female Rule at the End of Egypt’s Old Kingdom

    John Coleman DARNELL
    Epiphany or Erudition? The Inception of Atonism

    Katherine DAVIS
    Silent Signs: Determinatives as Markers of Scribal Knowledge

    Paul DELNERO
    The First Days of School in Mesopotamia: Preliminary Thoughts on the Personal Name List Inana-teš

    Didier DEVAUCHELLE and Ghislaine WIDMER
    L’ostracon Louvre E 11037: Une lettre à un mort en démotique?

    Christina DI CERBO
    Some Observations on the Demotic Lease P. Tebtynis dem. 5944

    Mahmoud EBEID and Cary J. MARTIN
    A Demotic Administrative Papyrus from the Tuna el-Gebel Necropolis (P. el-Ashmunein Magazine Inv. No. 1455-B)

    “Black Is Her Hair, More Than the Black of the Night”: The Tale of the Herdsman and the Origins of Egyptian Love Poetry

    Marian H. FELDMAN
    Making an Impression: How to Seal an Ur III Period Administrative Tablet in Nippur

    Göttlich, nicht königlich: Ein neuer Thot-Hymnus aus Deir el-Medineh

    José M. GALÁN
    Black Spread over Mummy Cases and Tomb Walls in Dra Abu el-Naga

    François GAUDARD
    Funerary Shrouds from Dendera in the Oriental Institute Museum of the University of Chicago, Part II: Shroud OIM E4789

    Friedhelm HOFFMANN
    Anmerkungen zu P. Loeb 2

    Fatma ISMAIL
    A Statue of Ptah-Sokar-Osiris in the Archaeological Collection of the Johns Hopkins University

    Michael JASNOW
    Richard at the Well

    Jacob LAUINGER
    Idrimi’s Aunts at Emar: On Line 5 of the Idrimi Inscription

    Theodore J. LEWIS
    Gift Giving, Generosity, and the Etymology of Manna

    Sandra LIPPERT and Maren SCHENTULEIT
    Papyrus Berlin P. 7056: Division of a Kleros between Members of a Priestly Family from Roman Soknopaiou Nesos

    Alice MANDELL
    Speaking Clearly through the Canaanite Amarna Letters: How to Connect with an Audience in Cuneiform

    Franziska NAETHER
    “Let the Ibis Be Consulted”: Letters Mentioning Cult Practices

    Jeremy POPE
    A New Inscription from Taharqo’s “Cattle Road”

    Luigi PRADA
    New Studies on the Greek Version of the Demotic Myth of the Sun’s Eye: An Additional Fragment
    (P. Vindob. G 29357) and an Analysis of the kwf/lynx-Monkey

    Joachim QUACK
    Ein frühdemotischer Weisheitstext: Papyrus Berlin 23504

    Robert K. RITNER
    Jubilating Baboons and the Bes Pantheos

    Kim RYHOLT
    Notes on the Copenhagen Hawara Papyri

    Defining the xA n TAty: Or, Where Did the Vizier Conduct His Work?

    Ariel SINGER and Janet H. JOHNSON
    Some Egyptian-Greek Language/Script Interactions as Reflected in Magical

    Mark SMITH
    Political, Social, and Economic Aspects of Dreams in the Archive of Hor

    Martin Andreas STADLER
    A New Version of the Beginning of the Book of Traversing Eternity: The Hieroglyphic-Demotic Funerary Stela of Pakhom, Son of Lykos, from Edfu (22 March 18 BCE)

    John TAIT
    Horus and Seth from North Saqqara: A Demotic Papyrus Fragment Excavated by the EES at the Sacred Animal Necropolis

    Steve VINSON
    Tabubue and the Menstrual Tabu

    Günter VITTMANN
    Eine pseudohieratische Gefäßinschrift der Spätzeit aus Deir el-Bahari (Kairo JE 56283)

    Alexandra VON LIEVEN
    The Name of the Teacher in the Ritual for Entering the Chamber of Darkness, alias “Book of Thoth”

    Karl-Theodor ZAUZICH
    Überlegungen zu einigen libyschen Personennamen

    Karl-Theodor ZAUZICH
    Jüdische Namen in einer demotischen Bier- und Weizenzuteilung aus Elephantine

    Lingxin ZHANG
    In What Ways Do the Gods Know You? A Bilingual Letter (Cairo Mus. Inv. Nos. 10313, 10328, 30961) Revisited

    Subject Index 
    Index of Ancient Sources

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