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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Egyptological Essays in Honor of Peter Lacovara

Edited by Salima Ikram, Sue D’Auria, and Tom Hardwick


Peter Lacovara: Archaeologist of Egypt and Nubia, Janet Richards


Our Peter, Chester Higgins


Bibliography of Peter Lacovara


First or Second Intermediate Period? Egyptian or Nubian? How Small Discoveries Might Change Old Interpretations, Bettina Bader


Alphabet Soup: Reisner’s Sculptor A and Sculptor B at Giza, Lawrence M. Berman


Egyptianizing Art in its Historical Context: The John Stemme Obelisk, Edward Bleiberg


A Chocolate “Deffufa”, Charles Bonnet and Dominique Valbelle


Howard Carter and the German Dig-House at Luxor, Bob Brier and Ahmed Mansour


The Circle Closes: On the Diadem from the Tomb of Tutankhamun, Katja Broschat and Eid Mertah


“Inlaid with All Precious Stones”: The Provenance and Function of a Group of Coffin Inlays from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Nicholas Brown


A Horse of a Different Color: Eton Myers Collection (ECM) 1631, Betsy Bryan


Kushite Salmagundi I: The Path in the Tomb of Tanutamani and Pyramid Text Utterance 670 as a Framework for the Events on the Path, Susan K. Doll


A Child Mummy in Cincinnati, Jonathan Elias and Carmen Muñoz Pérez


A Fragment of a Round-Topped Alabaster Stela of Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten, Marjorie M. Fisher and W. Raymond Johnson


Queen Khensa’s Gems: International Diplomacy in Exotic Vessels and Semiprecious Stones in Twenty-Fifth Dynasty Nubia, Jasper Gaunt


Theban Tomb 126 with an Addendum on Theban Tomb C7, Andrew Hunt Gordon


The Great Dealers: John Cooney’s Recollections of Joseph Brummer, Tom Hardwick


A Block from the “Living Ones of the Aten  Endure” Kom el-Nana, Melinda Hartwig


The Royal Workshops at the Dazzling Aten, Zahi Hawass


A Note on the Use of Petrified Wood, Sergej V. Ivanov


Propping up the Dead: The Burial of Tabakmut in Tomb MMA 60, Janice Kamrin and Salima Ikram


The Date of the Lower Slope Cemetery and the Spatial Development of the Abydos Middle Cemetery: First Insights from the Pottery Analysis, Christian Knoblauch, Mohamed Naguib Reda, and Aisha Mohamed


Peter and the Palace City, Mark Lehner  


An Old Kingdom Child’s Garment from the Michael C. Carlos Museum, Mimi Leveque and Renée Stein


Osiris Statuettes: Votive Offerings in the Temple of Osiris at Abydos, Michelle Marlar 


Sur le caractère symbolique des voûtes en chevrons monumentales, Franck Monnier   


Lunch with Ricardo Caminos, Susan Osgood 


About the Stonecutters of Late Antique Coptos, Laure Pantalacci 


The Name and Parentage of Asru, an Egyptian-Kushite Woman in Manchester, Campbell Price


New Kingdom Imported Pottery from the Middle Area of Qurna, Luxor, Egypt, Mohamed Naguib Reda


The Riqqeh Pectoral, Nicholas Reeves


A Piriform Jar from the Cemetery at el-Dakka: Contexts and Contents, Margaret Serpico, Ben Stern, and Denise Doxey


Satdjehuty: Notes on an Early Eighteenth Dynasty Burial Assemblage, John H. Taylor 


The Northeast Corner Pillar of Weni the Elder’s Tomb: From Discovery to Display in the Sohag Museum, Heather Tunmore, Suzanne L. Davis, Hamada Sadek, Ramadan Kotb, and Caroline Roberts


Basketry Quivers from Ancient Egypt, André J. Veldmeijer and Salima Ikram


Above or Beside? Some Remarks on the Excavation of the Sanctuary of Heqaib in Elephantine in 1932 and 1946–1947, Cornelius von Pilgrim


Nubian Khoiak Festival Rituals at Philae and Meroe, Janice W. Yellin

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Egyptological Essays in Honor of Peter Lacovara

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    September 2024

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