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Joyful in Thebes: Egyptological Studies in Honor of Betsy M. Bryan

Edited by Richard Jasnow and Kathlyn M. Cooney, with the assistance of Katherine E. Davis


An international group of scholars have contributed to Joyful in Thebes, a Festschrift for the distinguished Egyptologist Betsy M. Bryan. The forty-two articles deal with topics of art history, archaeology, history, and philology representing virtually the entire span of ancient Egyptian civilization. These diverse studies, which often present unpublished material or new interpretations of specific issues in Egyptian history, literature, and art history, well reflect the broad research interests of the honoree. Abundantly illustrated with photographs and line drawings, the volume also includes a comprehensive bibliography of Bryan's publications through 2015.


Read Zahi Hawass's reaction here.

Joyful in Thebes: Egyptological Studies in Honor of Betsy M. Bryan

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    MVCAE vol. 1

    xxviii + 516 pages

    8.5 x 11 inches

    ISBN 978-1-937040-40-6 (hardcover)

    ISBN 978-1-937040-41-3 (PDF)

    August 2015


  • Table of Contents




    Bibliography of Betsy M. Bryan

    Tabula Gratulatoria

    Some Aspects of Tomb Reuse during the Twentieth Dynasty Tamás A. Bács

    The Lion-Headed Goddess and Her Lost Cat: Brooklyn Museum 37.1379E Yekaterina Barbash

    On the Historical Implications of Payeftjauemawyneith’s Self-Presentation on Louvre A 93 Hussein Bassir

    Flesh of Gold: Two Statues of Sekhmet in e Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Lawrence M. Berman

    John Garstang’s Three Kushite Jewels: How Many Reproductions? Edward Bleiberg

    New Thoughts on the Late Transmission History of the Book of Amduat (including the Unpublished
 Papyrus Eaton College, Windsor, ECM 1573 Martin Bommas

    A Shift in Royal Graywacke Statuary in Dynasty 20 Simone Burger Robin

Who Did What and Why: The Dynamics of Tomb Preparation Violaine Chauvet

    Placating the Dead: Evidence of Social Crisis in Three Texts from Western Thebes Kathlyn M. Cooney

    The God Nebmaatre at Jebel Dosha W. V. Davies

    Usurpation Marianne Eaton-Krauss

    “What the Hell Is That Doing Here?” New Kingdom Detritus in the Ruins of the Mut Temple’s East Porch Richard A. Fazzini and Mary E. McKercher

    In Pursuit of Luxury in Mesopotamia Marian H. Feldman

    A Stelaphorous Statue of the Chief Steward of the King Amenhotep III, Amenemhet, Called Surer Marjorie Fisher

    An Addition to the Corpus of Statuary of Amenemhat I Rita E. Freed

    The “Kernbau” of the Temple of Mentuhotep II at Deir al-Bahari: A Monumental Sun Altar? Luc Gabolde

    La tiare de Nefertiti et les origines de la reine Marc Gabolde

    An Unpublished Stela in the Grand Egyptian Museum, Cairo C.G. 20151 Dina El Gabry

    Hymns to Amun-Ra and Amun in the Tomb-chapel of Djehuty (TT 11) José M. Galán

    Elements of Format in Middle Kingdom Papyri Ogden Goelet, Jr.

    Tutankhamun: The Discovery of His Family and New Evidence of His Life and Death Zahi Hawass

    An Enigmatic Granite Fragment in the Gayer-Anderson Museum (Beit al-Kritliyya), Cairo Salima Ikram

    A Brief Investigation of the God Iaqs Fatma Ismail

    New Fragments of the Demotic Mut Text in Copenhagen and Florence Richard Jasnow and Mark Smith

    Women, Property, and Legal Documents: A Case Study from the Persian Period Janet H. Johnson

    The Duck-Throttling Scene from Amarna: A New Metropolitan Museum of Art/Copenhagen
Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek Amarna Talatat Join W. Raymond Johnson

    The “MacGregor Man” (AN1922.70) Jack A. Josephson

    The Administrators and Notables in Nubia under Tutankhamun Nozumu Kawai

    More than Skin-Deep: Red Men and Yellow Women in Egyptian Art Arielle P. Kozloff

    On the Master Painter of the Tomb of Amenhotep Sise, Second High Priest of Amun under the
Reign of Thutmose IV (TT 75) Dimitri Laboury

    An Egyptian Royal Pectoral Again Peter Lacovara

    Egyptian Divinity in the Divine Speech in Job 38:36 Theodore J. Lewis

    Shepenwepet II and the Kingdom of Kush: Implications of a Recent Study Jeremy Pope

    Becoming a Lion? On the Essence of the Book of the Dead Stephen Quirke

    The Birth of Venus? Nicholas Reeves

    A New Kingdom Figurine from the Abydos Middle Cemetery Janet Richards

    Osiris-Canopus and Bes at Herculaneum Robert K. Ritner

    Divine Princes in Deir el-Medina Yasmin El Shazly

    An Eighteenth Dynasty Tutor of Royal Children: Tomb Fragments from Theban Tomb 226 J. J. Shirley

    The Future of Spatial Technologies in Egyptology Elaine Sullivan and Michael Harrower

    Oriental Institute 11050 and 13652: A Tale of Two Stelae Emily Teeter

    Into the Abyss: The Structure of the “ Tale of the Shipwrecked Sailor” as mise en abyme Steve Vinson


    Subject Index

    Index of Names

    Index of Sources and Objects

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