Beowulf & Beyond

By Dan Veach


Beowulf & Beyond is the first and only poetic translation to include not only Beowulf  but all the best-known works of Anglo-Saxon literature in one convenient volume. Previously, students have had to buy a separate book to read essential works like “The Seafarer,” required reading in all courses of early English literature. And even these may miss some of the greatest delights of this period: the wonderful stories from Bede, the charms, sayings, spells and riddles that inspire students to delve deeper into this strange and magical world. These translations, which derive their power from cleaving “close to the bone” of the original Anglo-Saxon, capture the power and punch of the original in a supple verse that sweeps the reader onward irresistibly.

Beowulf & Beyond

  • viii + 224 pages

    6x9 inches

    ISBN 978-1-948488-61-7 (paper)

    ISBN 978-1-948488-62-4 (PDF)



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