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A Qur’anic Apocalypse: A Reading of the Thirty-Three Last Surahs of the Qur’an

By Michel Cuypers


The present volume closes a trilogy devoted to the exegesis of the Qurʾān analyzed according to the principles of Semitic rhetoric, a method of textual analysis developed in the field of biblical studies. It studies the shortest sūrahs of the Qur'ān, which are traditionally dated to the beginnings of the preaching of Muḥammad in Mecca. The reference to the initial vision of Muḥammad in Sūrah 81, the point of departure for his career as Prophet, provides the starting point of the study of this group of sūrahs. The analysis shows that the redactors who assembled the textual fragments of the Qur'ān into a book were guided by precise intentions. In the end, it is these intentions that the rhetorical analysis of the text enables us to discover and better understand. 

A Qur’anic Apocalypse: A Reading of the Thirty-Three Last Surahs of the Qur’an

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    IQSA 1

    370 pages

     9 x 6 inches

    ISBN 978-1-948488-01-3 (hardcover)

    ISBN 978-1-948480-99-4 (PDF)

    September 2018


  • Table of Contents

    Series Editor’s Foreword



    Author’s Note

    A Brief Overview of the Thirty-Three Sūrahs

    Abbreviations, Acronyms, References, and Quotes

    Glossary of Technical Terms


 The Announcement of the Day of Judgment (Sūrahs 81–92)


    First Sub-Section (Sūrahs 81–84)

    A. Sequence 1 (Sūrahs 81–82)

    B. Sequence 2 (Sūrahs 83–84)

    C. The First Sub-Section as a Whole (Sūrahs 81–84)

    Second Sub-Section (Sūrahs 85–92)

    A. Sequence 3 (Sūrahs 85–88)

    I. The First Sub-Sequence (Sūrahs 85–86)

    II. The Second Sub-Sequence (Sūrahs 87–88)

    III. The Whole of Sequence 3 (Sūrahs 85–88)

    B. Sequence 4 (Sūrahs 89–92)

    I. The First Sub-Sequence (Sūrahs 89–90)

    II. The Second Sub-Sequence (Sūrahs 91–92)

    C. The Whole of the Second Sub-Section (Sūrahs 85–92)


    SECOND SECTION The Advent of an Arab Prophet (Sūrahs 93–112)


    First Sub-Section: A Prophet in Crisis (Sūrahs 93–98)

    A. Sequence 1 (Sūrahs 93–94)

    B. Sequence 2 (Sūrahs 95–96)

    C. Sequence 3 (Sūrahs 97–98)

    Second Sub-Section: Eschatological Preaching (Sūrahs 99–104)

    A. Sequence 4 (Sūrahs 99–101)

    B. Sequence 5 (Sūrahs 102–104)

    Third Sub-Section: A Brief Biography of the Prophet (Sūrahs 105–112)

    An Overview of the Sub-Section

    A. Sequence 6 (Sūrahs 105–108)

    I. The First Sub-Sequence (Sūrahs 105–106)

    II. Second Sub-Sequence (Sūrahs 107–108)

    III. The Entire Sequence 6 (Sūrahs 105–108)

    B. Sequence 7 (Sūrahs 109–112)

    I. The First Sub-Sequence (Sūrahs 109–110)

    II. The Second Sub-Sequence (Sūrahs 111–112)

    III. The Whole of the Sequence (Sūrahs 109–112)

    C. The Whole Third Sub-Section (Sūrahs 105–112)


    THIRD SECTION Two Prophylactic Prayers (Sūrahs 113 and 114)


    The Correspondences between the Beginning and End of the Qurʾān




    Subject Index

    Index of Qurʾānic References

    Index of Biblical References

    Index of Authors Quoted

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