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Critical Editions of Ancient Texts

General Editor: Paul Delnero, The Johns Hopkins University

Editorial Board:

Dennis Campbell, San Francisco State University

Uri Gabbay, Hebrew University
Katrien de Graef, Ghent University

Jonathan Taylor, The British Museum

Nele Ziegler, French National Center for Scientific Research

The purpose of this series is to make available critical editions of ancient texts to both specialists in Assyriology, Hittitology, and related disciplines, as well as scholars in cognate fields seeking reliable, up-to-date, and philologically informed translations and commentaries of texts from Mesopotamia, Syria, Anatolia, and neighboring areas in the ancient world. In addition, the series aims to provide a forum for addressing and discussing questions and issues pertaining to textual production, and the circulation and transmission of ancient texts in and across different periods and places. Although the focus of the series is on the publication of critical textual editions that meet the highest scholarly standards of the fields for the languages in which the texts are composed, contributions that also engage with methods and theoretical issues of potential interest and relevance to scholars in other disciplines are also strongly encouraged.

Prospective authors should contact the editor:


Proposal guidelines are available here.

The CEAT style guide is available here.

Available Titles
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