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New Trends in Qur’ānic Studies: Text, Context, and Interpretation

By Mun’im Sirry

The essays in this volume discuss recent trends and issues in the scholarly study of the Qur’ān and its exegesis. The last few years have witnessed an unprecedented development in qur'anic studies in terms of both the number of volumes that have been produced and the wide range of issues covered. It is not an exaggeration to say that the field of qur'anic studies today has become the 'crown' of Islamic studies. In this book, scholars of diverse approaches critically engage with the Qur’ān and its exegesis, including questions about the milieu in which the Qur’ān emerged, the Qur’ān's relation to the biblical tradition, its chronology, textual integrity, and its literary features. In addition, this volume addresses recent scholarship on tafsīr (qur'anic exegesis), including thematic interpretation, diacronic and syncronic readings of the Qur’ān. Various approaches to understanding the Muslim scripture with or without tafsīr are also discussed.

New Trends in Qur’ānic Studies: Text, Context, and Interpretation

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    IQSA vol. 2

    6 x 9 inches

    xviii + 312 pages

    ISBN 978-1-948488-18-1 (hardcover)

    ISBN 978-1-948488-19-8 (PDF)

    June 2019

  • Table of Contents

    Introduction: Recent Trends in Qur’anic Studies Mun’im Sirry


    Part 1: Trends and Issues in Qur’anic Studies


    Reflections on the History and Evolution of Western Study of the Qur’ān, from ca. 1900 to the Present Fred M. Donner

    Indonesian Muslim Responses to Non-Muslim Approaches to Qur’anic Studies Yusuf Rahman

    Semitic Rhetoric and the Qur’ān: The Scholarship of Michel Cuypers Adnane Mokrani

    From Clerical to Scriptural Authority: The Qur’ān’s Dialogue with the Syriac New Testament Emran El-Badawi

    A Qur’anic Theodicy: Moses in the Sūrat al-Kahf (Q 18) David Penchansky

    Contemporary Shi‘i Approaches to the History of the Text of the Qur’ān Seyfeddin Kara

    The Computer and the Qur’ān: An Analysis and Appraisal Adam Flowers


    Part 2: Trends and Issues in Tafsīr Studies


    Reading the Qur’ān Contextually: Approaches and Challenges Abdullah Saeed

    “Qur’anism” in Modern Qur’ān Interpretation Izza Rohman

    Understanding Patriarchal Interpretations of Q 4:34 in the Light of Stanley Fish’s “Interpretive Communities” Adis Duderija

    The Global Islamic Tradition and the Nation State in the Contemporary Muslim Exegesis of the Qur’ān Johanna Pink

    Interpreting the Qur’ān between Shari‘ah and Changing Custom: On Women’s Dress in Indonesia Munirul Ikhwan

    The Hermeneutics of Legitimate Leadership: Qurṭubī’s Commentary on Q 2:30 (the Adam Verse) Han Hsien Liew

    “Deviant” Qur’anic Interpretation in Indonesia: Reading Lia Eden’s Defense of the Claim to Prophethood Al Makin

    Sufi Commentaries on the Qur’ān in Indonesia: The Poetry of Ḥamzah al-Fanṣūrī and Haji Hasan Mustapa Jajang A. Rohmana



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