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Current Research at Kültepe-Kanesh: An Interdisciplinary and Integrative Approac

Edited by Levent Atici, Fikri Kulakoglu, Gojko Barjamovic, and Andrew Fairbairn


The material remains and the more than 23,500 cuneiform tablets unearthed at the site of Kültepe (ancient Kanesh) shed light on social, political, and economic aspects of the Middle Bronze age (ca. 2000–1700 years BC) in central Anatolia, but also in upper Mesopotamia. The rich textual record provides ample information on a very sophisticated supraregional market economy, representing one of the best-documented historical cases of long-distance trade in the ancient world. Although the site was first excavated in 1893, followed by intermittent excavations between 1906 and 2005, modern scientific and interdisciplinary excavations have only been undertaken since 2006. The new scientific research at Kültepe-Kanesh has already begun amassing new data and providing us with a unique opportunity to generate new perspectives and to challenge previous models and assumptions about, for example, trade, colonialism, ethnicity, art, religious ideas, identity, and patterns of social, political, and economic organization in the Near East during the Middle Bronze Age. A primary goal of this special volume is to integrate the work of scholars in archaeology, archaeometry, bioarchaeology, geoarchaeology, and history to develop a new synthetic research paradigm for investigating issues of trade, colonialism, ethnicity, art, identity, and urbanization in the Near East in a unified fashion.

Current Research at Kültepe-Kanesh: An Interdisciplinary and Integrative Approac

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    Journal of Cuneiform Studies Supplements Series vol. 4

    232 pages

    8.5 x 11 inches

    ISBN 978-1-937040-19-2 (hardcover)

    ISBN 978-1-937040-20-8 (PDF)

    March 2014

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  • Table of Contents

    Introduction: Integrating Current Research at Kültepe-Kanesh Levent Atici, Fikri Kulakoğlu, Gojko Barjamovic, and Andrew Fairbairn

    1: Kültepe-Kanesh in the Early Bronze Age Sabahattin Ezer

    2: The Lower Town of Kültepe: Urban Layout and Population Thomas Klitgaard Hertel

    3: The Size of Kanesh and the Demography of Early Middle Bronze Age Anatolia Gojko Barjamovic

    4: Considerations on the Assyrian Settlement at Kanesh Cécile Michel

    5: Kanesh after the Assyrian Colony Period: Current Research at Kültepe and the Question of the End of the Bronze Age Settlement Fikri Kulakoğlu

    6: An Archaeological Survey in the Vicinity of Kültepe, Kayseri Province, Turkey Ryoichi Kontani, Hiroshi Sudo, Yuji Yamaguchi, Yuichi Hayakawa, and Takahiro Odaka

    7: The Old Assyrian Glyptic Style: An Investigation of a Seal Style, Its Owners and Place of Production Agnete Wisti Lassen

    8: Behind the Scenes: A Look at Seal Carvers as Artists and Artisans in the Old Assyrian Period Oya Topcuoğlu

    9: Metal Technology, Organization, and the Evolution of Long-Distance Trade at Kültepe Seppi Lehner

    10: Human Remains from Kültepe/Kanesh: Preliminary Results of the Old Assyrian Burials from the 2005–2008 Excavations Handan Üstündağ

    11: Preliminary Archaeobotanical Investigations of Plant Production, Consumption, and Trade at Bronze Age Kültepe-Kanesh Andrew Fairbairn

    12: Food and Ethnicity at Kültepe-Kanesh: Preliminary Zooarchaeological Evidence Levent Atici

    Concluding Remarks: Kanesh, the City Norman Yoffee


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