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A Sanctuary in the Hora of Illyrian Apollonia: Excavations at the Bonjakët Site

By Jack L. Davis, Sharon R. Stocker, Iris Pojani, and Vangel Dimo


In the years 2004–2006, a joint team from the International Centre for Albanian Archaeology in Tirana, Albania, the Institute of Archaeology in Tirana, and the University of Cincinnati conducted excavations in the plain west of the walls of the ancient Greek colony of Apollonia, a short distance to the southwest of the modern village of Pojan. The site lies almost entirely within a complex of farm  buildings known locally as Bonjakët.  This volume represents the full publication of the results of three campaigns of excavation at the site. The new excavations discovered and documented a previously unknown monumental temple and have made it possible to describe for the first time the material remains of Greek rituals as practiced at the time of, or not long after, the foundation of Apollonia. 

A Sanctuary in the Hora of Illyrian Apollonia: Excavations at the Bonjakët Site

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    8.5 x 11 inches

    xxii + 506 pages

    978-1-937040-93-2 (hardcover)

    978-1-937040-94-9 (PDF)

    January 2023

  • About the Authors

    Jack L. Davis is a professor and Sharon R. Stocker a senior research associate, both based in the Department of Classics at the University of Cincinnati. They together have organized fieldwork in Albania at Illyrian Apollonia and in the hinterlands of ancient Dyrrachium.

    Iris Pojani is a professor at the University of Tirana and head of the Department of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage; she previously directed the International Centre of Albanian Archaeology in Tirana.

    Vangjel Dimo served as director of the Museum of Apollonia on behalf of the Institute of Archaeology of the Albanian Academy of Sciences.

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